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Help with 1981 trim codes

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Guys I'm looking at a 1981 Vette that is silver over charcoal two tone with a red leather interior. The car has a red and orange stripe that runs around the midsection that divides the silver and charcoal. The stripe is also on the center of the hood of course.

I have never seen this color combo (red/orange on silver and charcoal) before and cannot find another like it on the internet. Is this an original factory combo? The trim tag has the following numbers:

74I 33L 33U 39M E

One site I visited said that the two tone silver over charcol exterior should be 33/39, that would explain one of the 33's and the 39 but what about the other 33 and the 74? The interior numbers that I found for 1981 Vettes do not list a 74 or a 33 for any of the late model C-3's.

Also what do the letters mean after the numbers? Is there any way to tell from the trim code if this car in fact came with the red and orange trim?

Any help would be appreciated.

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It's been a few weeks since I last chimed in on this topic and since I have found out a few more things I thought I would give this post one last shot of fresh air to wrap up the discussion.

I found out what the 74I stands for in my trim code. It is for "Dark red interior trim" according to my build sheet that I just received from the Corvette Museum. My car also has the "742 Dark red leather."

My Vette is an original two-tone car with the 39M on the trim plate representing "charcoal accent" according to the build sheet. It also lists "Z05 Two Tone Paint" and "D84 Two Tone Paint" on the build sheet with the "D88 sport stripe" option. It lists the original color for the stripe as "83A gray stripe."

Thanks to all for your input and I hope that I have helped clear up the mystery of the 74I trim code.
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Thanks for the update :thumbsup:

My car also has the Dark red leather and after our discussion
a while back I took a look at my trim tag and also noticed the
74I code, (after telling you it probably wasn't a "trim code" :laughing: ),
I started wandering if I was wrong AGAIN :huh:

Damn! these corvettes :surprised I'm learning real quick ain't nothin' about them
like the other cars.

Looks like I need to order a Build Sheet as well.

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