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This is a continuation of the "Here it Is - C8 Reference" thread that contained every bit of information available for the first two months. Since that thread was becoming cumbersome to navigate - so much information - we are starting this new one. New information will be added here as it becomes available.

New Refernce Information Will Be Added Here

The following is a list of the highlights of the original thread, "Here It IS - #1. For a link to that thread


09/17/2019 Oliver Gavin on the C8
09/17/2019 Background about C8 development
09/14/2019 HOW TO: Launch control and Burnout modes
09/14/2019 The future of Corvette racing, the C8.R Unveil
09/10/2019 Motor Trend Vid from C8 Cockpit While Hot Footing Around a Parking Lot Cone Course
09/10/2019 GM Tweets the Vert reveal Date
09/10/2019 C8 Minutia 'Features' from Motor Trend
09/08/19 A 19+ minute interview with Harlan Charles (Corvette Product Manager)
09/07/2019 The C8.R should start racing in January
09/05/2019 Expect to see a nice change in the Digital Corvettes page very soon.
09/05/2019 Motor Trend posted some C8 burnouts
09/05/2019 The article linked below is NOT from a respected group of Auto fans, but from a business perspective
09/04/2019 Deep Dive Vid on the Z51 Package
09/2/2019 GM Donates a C8 to the NCM
08/31/2019 ANOTHER leak: Video of C8 reaching 194 MPH
08/30/19 Nothing Today but echoes of what we have already reported to you
08/28/19 First sighting of 1,000 HP (?) C8 Hybrid
The VERT! - minor update 8/27/19
Vert Prototype caught in the wild with an odd styling feature
The GM Video including Vert and C8.r:
08/27/19 Leaked Stingray Z51 performance numbers
08/27/19 Motor 1 has a different take on the Z06
08/24/19 & 8/26/19 So Year 1 First Quarter Production is almost sold out. What's NEXT?
08/24/19 Look at the outside review mirrors. See it?
08/23/19 Two Prospective Buyer questions asked and answered by GM spotted in a discussion group:
08/22/19 Now TWO ways to track your Order for your new Corvette
08/22/19 How does one easily Rev the engine with a DCT?
08/19/19 More options pricing...
08/17/19 See the GM Issued Dealer Training Packs
08/16/19 Another performance bit from GM
08/16/19 How does the C8 compare to the super cars costing much more?
08/14/19 Early Look at GM pricing out tomorrow
08/13/19 Will there be a sister Cadillac 'C8'?
08/13/19 Maintenance on the C8
08/10/19 GM Color and Options Timeline for Initial Orders
08/9/19 GM Pricing on all trim levels to be released on 8/15/16
08/8/19 Easy pairing of your phone
08/7/19 So you are thinking about a C8 but you are concerned about having it serviced by someone with more Malibu experience and knowledge than Corvette
NEW Dealer category for 2020
08/2/19 Connell Chevrolet C8 Tour visit (Costa Mesa, Ca)
Think you have placed an order?
Some of the past rumors answered

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Another way to squeeze money:laughing:

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This is a test. Please disregard.

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