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95 coupe btw. i replaced my handle inside the car cause mine was broken. all hooked up fine and now the ebrakes dont grab. i have already pulled it up and let it down about 10 times and its not getting any tighter. i looked under the car and the ebrake cable wasnt in the lil bracket in front of the rear wheel so i pulled it back into place. please tell me what to do now. i also replaced one of the horns with a ferarri loud horn one from autozone. i looked for the relay uinder the pass side dash and found the relay bank but mine only had 4 relays in it. i swapped them all around and everything was still good but the horn still wouldnt honk. so im thinking it might be inside the steering wheel or the relay is located somewhere else. i went to the dealership and he showed me the pic where it should be but its hard to see and it looked like it was in the middle area of the dash. please help me out im trying like hell to eget this car inspected. btw i redid the ground on the horns too

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