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Houston, Galveston Areas?

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I would like to see how many of you guys/gals are from the Houston/Galveston areas. Would like to meet up with some of you at some point and time. I have this same passion as all of you. The feeling is unexplainable to a non Corvette driver, if you know what I mean. Or am I crazy? :crazy:

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I'm down here in Houston. That'd be great to meet up and cruise or something. :thumbsup:
I'm in for a get together/cruise :thumbsup: Once these storms get out of the BFG DRs don't do well on wet roads. :bang
I'm in houston....for a few more days anyway. next week i'm moving to spring.
I live in Port Arthur, about 100 miles East of Houston. I'm always game for some Vette "get togethers" :cheers:
You guys name it. I really do not want to cruise in Houston though. I live across from Johnson Space Center in Clear Lake. Plenty of places to meet up here. I can go any weekend. Would like to do this when the weather is nice as well. Chime in!

Setting a meet and greet for June 24th around 5pm
place: Sonic on Louetta just east of stubner airline.

friends from several corvette related forums will be there.

All are invited. :partyon:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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