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I think it goes with the territory with Vette ownership. I drive a C5 convertible and it feels like everbody is tailgating me. I think it's mostly perception on my part as there is nothing but GM fiberglass between my head and the grill of the Ford F150behind me. :surprised

I do agree though that people tend to drive more aggressively around me when I'm driving the Vette. I was out driving this past weekend on a four lane road when a guy pulled out into the right lane in front of me. No big deal, I simply moved into the left lane to pass him. As soon as I did, he floored his car to make sure I could not get ahead of him (at least legally) ;).

However on the flip side as Patrick and others mentioned, I've had very nice people approach me when I'm filling up for gas or just cruising the neighborhood complimenting me on the car.

The funniest reaction I enjoy is how whenever I am out washing the car on the driveway, drivers always rev their engines when passing by. Not sure what that is all about. Maybe just a knee-jerk auto response. :laughing:
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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