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How did you attach your dual spal fans?

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Hi All,

I bought the 11" dual spal fan set-up off fleabay and was wondering how did you fabricate brackets to mount yours if you have this same set-up?

Trying to get some ideas.....

Thanks! :thumbsup:
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No one is running dual spal fans :(
I have seen where people run those plastic ties through the radiator core. Some say its OK to do this but I wouldn't. Seems like you could make some aluminum brackets that would attach to the core support and the fan shroud.
i have dual spal fans, i just used some electrical strips to mount them, straight through the radiator. been hanging on for years now.
I´m running douple spals and I did a "tunnel" for those fans out of fiberglass.
Thanks for the info everyone :thumbsup:

I gave right at $204 shipped for a brand new spal dual 11" fan set-up. Since I'm doing a TPI swap on my 82 and the aftermarket harness came with relays and control for a electric fan it should go pretty smoothly on the install.

I've seen some vendors sell "Kits" for $400 or more + shipping using this same style fan(s). It did include a relay/controller, and brackets. I still couldn't see paying that..even with the extras..
The Spals that came with my radiator have an aluminum shroud that sits in the rad. brackets on the bottom and a piece of aluminum channel about 1/4" deep that snaps on the top of the rad that captures the top of the shroud.
I guess I shoulda thoughta fleabay....oh well....

at any rate, I just installed a pair of Spals on my '72 here, and all I used was hardware store alumunum for lower bracket, running from rad mount to rad mount rear tab, same thing with a piece of scrap aluminum across top section....then ran sheetrock screws through aluminum flashing on the sides to touch the tank seam, folded some flashing across the bottom, tucked in snugly and used the fan bolts to hold it....whole thing is really snug and air tite as any factory unit.....did it in an afternoon , removed the support and rad as a unit,

I finished working on my custom mounting bracket bar this weekend. What I ended up was this:

I went to lowes and purchased:

1. (6) 1/4 - 20 x 1-1/4" nuts and bolts

2. a 1/4" tap

3. 1/4" thick aluminum bar 1" x 4' long.

I cut the aluminum bar into (2) 2 foot pieces and measured out the hole demensions according to the spal print. This gave me my upper and lower mounts.

I drilled and tapped the holes to give the 1/4-20 bolts something to "bite" made it easier lining everything up with the radiator still in the car. Plus it made the attachment more solid since the bolts are tapped in.

Then I attached a 1" wide strip of closed cell foam to the back of the bar so it wouldn't damage my radiator when mounted.

I think it turned out pretty good :thumbs:

The only other thing I need to do is remove those stock clothes hanger support rod thingy's they are distorting my radiator lip.....and could cause failure later on.
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