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Question. How do I start a new thread?

Go to the appropriate forum where you want to post by clicking the “Forums” name on the left.

This will open up a page with all the forums listed. Double click the one you want

The forum page with all the current threads will load. On the top right side of this page and the bottom left are the buttons to use to start a new thread. Click on “New Thread”


The posting screens will load in your browser

Enter a subject for you post on the subject line

Start typing the body of the text you want to post.

If you want to insert a smiley, use your mouse and double click it.

To change the look of your post you can us special code to make it look different. To make this easy there is a code box above the posting box to choose what you want to do.

If you want to use bold, italics, or underlined print, double click the appropriate link (B,I,U)

When you double click the box an auxiliary box will open up for you to type your text into

To change the size, font or color, double click the button an make your choice from the drop down menu and then type your message

To insert a picture double click the IMG box. Choose the picture you want to insert, right click the picture and click on “Properties” on the drop down box. Copy the address(URL) and paste it into the IMG box..

To insert a hyper link, double click the HTTP:// box. In the first box, type a description for the link such as “click for link” or “Wheels here” or “Ref” and click “OK”

In the second box you need the URL of the web page. In a separate window, open the web page and copy the Address (URL) of the page and paste it into the second box and click “OK”

The following image is similar for all the above functions

When you are finished, click The “Submit New Thread” box and your thread will be posted.

To post a poll click the “Yes, Post a poll” before you click “Submit New Thread”

Another box will open up with several options. Fill in these options and the click the “Submit New Poll” button

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