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How low in the 1/4th with these mods?

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How fast would an 01' ZO6 run with a headers (no cats), X-pipe, straight pipes borlas, and Vararam run? Also, with a tune and a driver that was used to the car...
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At sea level? Assuming the car is tuned properly after the mods... probably 12.0 @ 116 should be your "usual" results. With the right air and track prep you might crack into the 11's.:thumbsup:
Id say 12.1-12.4s at sea level would be reasonable, assuming the driver is good with the car(as you already said)
Hmm. Sounds like enough to be a cobra and srt killer. I was hoping it would get that low, considering I'll probably wait before the h/c.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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