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Thanks Grumpy.

Here's my concern.

I used a marker to color the top of the valve. Then put the rockers in, adjusted them, and turned the motor by hand a few revolutions.

There was a mark on the top o f the valve. Right in spec, not very wide, that .080 suggestion in the links you gave me seems to be fine.

The mark, however, was just barely in front of exact center of the valve top.

Is this a problem?

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the closer to center on the valve stem tip the wear band is and the narrower the sweep band width on the valve stem tip ,the better, but its totally impossiable to get it 100% perfect on most engines, so given the limited info and no clear pictures to judge from Id say your fine!:thumbsup:
(don,t forget to carefully check clearances, like
rocker too retainer
rocker slot to rocker stud
spring bind

remember the idea is to keep the load centered on the valve axis and not have side loads on the valve stem/valve guides, that adds drag,friction and heat:thumbsup:
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