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How to install rear bumper on 74 ??

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Been putting off installing the Tru-Flex rear bumper I got for my 74 by restoring the interior. I hoped during that process I'd come up with the magical solution of how to get the bumper on with such limited access to the studs. Well ... interior is all done, bumper is still on the shelf, & I still haven't figured out how to get around the light mounting brackets to install the nuts. Actually, still pretty perplexed on how to get to any of the studs other than the ones on the qaurter panels.

Could someone out there with experience give me some pointers ? I'd appreciate ANY help/thoughts/moral support you all can provide!

Thanks!! :cheers:
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remove the tank, makes working under there so much easier.
remove the tank, makes working under there so much easier.
I agree. Besides, if you haven't had the tank off, this is an excellent time to inspect it carefully, check the build sheet and you might want to replace the straps and have the tank boiled out and coated to save you problems in the future. Make sure all your threads are clean and lubricated as well. Using two people to put the facia in place will make it easier and then you can slide under and start a couple nuts to hold it in place. I had to ream a few holes slightly and put on all the nuts then checked allignment and began tightening in a rotation similar to putting on a wheel, so it would not draw down crooked. Be patient, say a prayer, and take a Bud break somewhere in between. Oh yeah, don't wait for 90 degree weather to do this as I mistakenly did on my first one.:thumbsup:
Thanks guys,

with the tank removed is there an easy way to get to those studs that are behind the light brackets and along the top horizontal portion portion ? I can't figure out how to even get to those nuts to loosen the current brackets. The bumper disintigrated so I broke the remaining pieces off and got the the upper horizontal portioned nuts that way but those behind the light brackets are still on. I figure I'll have to remove the lights and housings themselves but even with those out of the way, I can't picture how I'll reach any of the studs once the bumper has been lifted into place.

Thanks again!!

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No real easy way. Spray liberally with WD40. I used a 1/4 drive and thin wall socket and made my own extension that would allow me to work far enough back away from it to have room for my hands. On the sides you can use a swivel and on that I used a little lock tite so the swivel did not rotate while I was trying to get it on the nut. I also used a small AA flashlight with a magnet taped to it. The regular D cell magnetic light was in my way. Patience and the BUD break (or Miller or choice) proved to be the best tools. I think I said it was easier the second time so maybe just ditch this project and start on the second one :laughing:
Thanks for the help guys! Now I have to figure out how to get the tank off. I have a brand new stainless exhaust system under there. I needed to remove it anyway to replace the spring so now I have another reason .. i kind of went about the process backwards. Should have done the spring, bumper, etc. and saved the exhaust for last. Whoooole lot of swearing when I couldn't lower the exhaust far enough for spring removal. So I bolted the old one back in place with the thoughts of spring removal/replacement at the muffler shop since they kind of owed me one. Now ... looks like a Sawsall treatment in the garage then some sort of temporary patch job till I can get it back to the muffller shop. Dangit.
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