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All the facilities you need to handle and manage photos for use in your articles are available right here on DigitalCorvettes. This post will be the living proof.

1) First, look up on the screen and find the menu immediately under the header graphic. In that menu is an item "Corvette Photos." Click on that.

2) You will be taken to the Photopost main screen. To the right side, find the Upload Photos link and click on that.

3) There are three things you need to do here. First is to select the correct area to upload the photos to. The dropdown in the upper right corner allows you to pick the area. TECH Exchange is the first entry in the dropdown list. Select that.

The second thing is to pick the photos to upload. Use the individual Browse buttons at the right side to pick the photos from your computer.

When complete, scroll down if necessary and click on the Upload/Submit button.

4) A new screen will appear after the files are checked. It will show a thumbnail version at the left. If you have picked an incorrect file, clear the check box to stop its upload.

Click the Proceed button at the bottom of this screen.

5) After the files are uploaded, you will see a screen like this.

Don't worry about the Image Pending Approval notice. YOU can still work with your photos. To do so, click on the underlined Title for a particular photo.

6) This will take you to the detail screen for that photo.

Look at the bottom for the Linked Image line. In the box to the right is the BB Code that you need to insert the photo in your post.

7) Click on that text once and it will be highlighted.

8) Use your browser's Edit menu to copy the link to the clipboard. Edit-> Copy or Ctrl-C will do it.

Now, how you organize your work from here is up to you. If you have a separate window open where you can edit the post, you can switch to that window in the appropriate place.

Alternately, you may want to just paste the contents of the clipboard into an MS Word or Notepad text file.

9) You can use your browser's Back button to return to the previous screen and select another photo to get the code for.

10) Once you have done the photos you uploaded, if there are more to do, just click on the Upload Photos link again, which will return you to Step 3 in this process.

Happy posting!
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