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How To Reduce Heat Soak On LS2

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Has anyone with a C6 tried this on their car yet? It's an IAT relocator assembly that seems to work great on LS2 GTO's.
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so you like running your car rich and losing potential power aswell as gas mileage and sending false readings to your car? guess this mod is for you....

they put the INTAKE air temp sensor in the INTAKE for a reason... your best bet is to move the MAF and IAT as close to the cylinders as possible and in most situation this means right before the throttle plate would be your best bet :thumbsup:

remember, your engine will run best when the correct and accurate information is being feed to it, its like lying to your gf and telling her that her ass doesn't look as fat as it does in the other dress.... your just giving bad information and your gonna screw yourself in the end... now wouldn't you have just told her what we all know is correct? "no honey, your ass doesn't look fat at all!!!" :laughing:

if you want cooler air temps go with meth injection ;)
There are plug and play kits made that fool the IAT for drag racing. I think they would provide the same results with out the mods. and they would be reversable between track tunes for normal driving.

It looks like someone just decided to play "fool the customer" by capitalizing on that 2.2k resistor trick we learned about when the LS-1 came out. No manner of trickery will replace a good tune.
honestly, unless you can take advantage of it by advancing the timing theres no reason you'll want to run richer on a stock setup... the leaner you can get the better as this will provide the best explosion and create the most energy without any waste
I have the same Omega thermistor also. I'm not relocating mine to a false reading location though.
Mine is going between the MAF and Throttle body.

I purchased mine because of the speed/resolution.
My reasoning was because of it's speed, it has to aid the computer in instant AFR/timing calibrations by sending a more accurate/instant temp at any given moment instead of using the last stored reading that is a few milliseconds off. Here's a pic of my thermistor and the MAF schematic. I'm just going to remove the pins from the MAF connector that go to the Temp sensor portion and just bypass it to my new location a couple inches closer to throttle body.

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I know the Trailblazer SS guys are relocating thier MAF in the air box cause of
bad heat soak and getting good result's with it. But they are getting them tuned too.
Not sure about the Vettes.
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