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so I am lost
how to remove center dash gagues >
ok this is how far I am now
# 1 dash pod out of car
# 2 wiper switch off and out and unpluged
# 3 cluster all lose even got to the two nuts that are holding the screws that are under radio [ what a bitch ]

now the problem can only pull the cluster out so far seems the radio is holding it
do I have to remove the radio off the bezel ??? to get at the gauges
I read some where you must take all wires off to get the cover that seems to be holding the gauges

sounds like im talking in circles?? sorry

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Have you loosened the support bracket?

The wiring harness may be all that's holding the cluster. You should be able to pull the cluster up and out a little to allow enough room to get you hand behind it and begin unplugging the harness.

The stereo will come out with the cluster if you work slowly and after you have unplugged the various radio/stereo connections on the back of it.

Do you have the assembly instruction manual (AIM)? Thee AIM has two or three pages of diagrams of how the cluster and stereo were installed. They're helpful when taking things apart.


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Here's my 2 cents

I find it easier to start with the "A" pillar padding (3 screws) and then remove the top dash pad (7 screws) along the top going from both dash pads and windshield wiper console. (it is only held against the winshield with clips that when pulled toward you release).

Then remove the (2) lower console extensions (one on each side) you will find (2) studs pointing down from the radio bezel with (2) nuts remove them both

Next remove the winshield wiper console (2 screws facing forward).

Now remove the (6) screws going into the (2) dash pads (3 on each side)

You should be able to pull up and out to remove the center gauge pod (you will have to remove the harness first)

Hope this helps

FWI make sure to use the correct size screw driver as not to mare the black screws and make sure to keep track of what screws go where for re assembly and for darn sure don't over tighten almost all the screws are threaded into plastic.
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