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I have just got through doing my HUD install. I have a 97 so I had to change the Gauge cluster also. I got a 300mph one on and I got the switch and harness. I got the Projector from from Josh(PaceThis) at carolinacorvettes. Josh was kind enough to get me a bezel also to complete my parts list.

It took me 5 hours to do the install. The dash comes out really easy. mounting the projector is easy as it sits in a cradle that's built into all C5s. The hardest part was cutting the dash. I made a template out of cardboard then I drew around it and cut out the hole. There is a how to that I used here:

Then I made the bezel fit by fileing the hole bigger with a rasp. I used screws to hold the bezel in by cutting the legs shorter.

I went for a drive and tested everything was working ok, it looks great!:cool:

This is probably the first retro fit of a HUD in a 97 Vette in the UK. Total cost was £200 ($380)

It would have cost me another $6,000 to get a 99 Vette with HUD in the UK.

Here are a couple of pics:

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