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I’ve gotten over my fear…

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of driving the vette in the rain.:surprised Drove the 91 into work yesterday morning even when the forecast had a 50% chance of rain scheduled for that afternoon. Thought I could miss it but on the drive home it was raining pretty well. Just took it real slow.

Guess I’m over the fear of driving the vette in the rain. The forecast today has heavy rains so the daily driver will get a workout. In the past I would drive the vette if 0% chance of rain was in the forecast and now I feel if they have a 30 or 40% chance of rain I’m drivng the 91. Life is short.

I still try to avoid driving the Z06 in the rain.

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After 9/11 I changed my attitude about pampering Corvettes.

I thought, if something happened to me... did I really enjoy my Vette to it's full extent?

I try not to drive it in the winter with salt on the road. Not because salt is that bad on the car, but I can't wash it on my driveway because it's freezing outside.

I am lucky to work from home, so I can dodge bad weather like rain, but I care less about getting "caught" in the rain. Just another excuse to wash the car on the next nice day.

Side subject... as for miles on the car, I turned the odometer display off. I just checked the other day and I have 35,000 miles on the car. Enjoyed every one of them.

Though I do keep my GS beautifully detailed, my motto is "this Grand Sport will never be in a museum". And, I'm sticking with that.

Bring on the rain.
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I choose not to drive the Z in the rain for one reason...not because it will get dirty, but because it scares the **** outta me. Even with traction control on, getting power to the ground is difficult especially during turns.

I dont have to worry about my Corolla hydroplaning!!
Glad to hear it ragvette! I wouldn't mind keeping my Vette clean all the time, but I honestly love driving it too much to let it sit.

Once I get the Jeep all straightened out, I will be driving the snot out of it cuz it has sat all winter... plus being topless is fun in the summer.:thumbsup:
I try to drive my VETTE whenever possable. However, it is now detailed for show so I hate to get it dirty berfre the next show.
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