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I had to take her in

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I bought my first vette in january and have been working on getting her up to speed since then. I took care of the small projects and one big one with the transmission, but one problem remained: the engine would not keep a tune. I have spent 4 entire saturdays getting it running smooth. At the end of each day I had a nice cruise around the neighborhood as payment for my hard labor. But the next time I would go out to the car it would hardly run, manifold pressure would be less than 10 (12ish if i was really lucky) the mixture screws would do no good, and it sounded like it was ripping itself to pieces! Tonight I was going to take the car to a local shop to flush the radiator. I turned the car on and it wouldnt even fire (on saturday is was running like a dream) I hooked up the vacuum gauge and went to work. After about 30 minutes I got it working well enough to limp it over to the shop.

No such luck. I went exactly one block and it died. I messed with it a few more minutes on the side of the road and then I noticed the temp gauge was at around 250. I shut it down and called the insurance company for a tow (I was stranded by the side of the road :laughing: ) The car is now sitting in the shop waiting for people smarter than I to look at it tomorrow afternoon. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will come out driving like a dream and allow me to driver her out to BG on saturday, but only time will tell.

:down: :down: :down:
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Man I hope you get it running. I'd hate to see you have to tow it to BG this saturday
Well if you hit 250 you could have some real problems on your hands. I asume if you were taking it to get the rad done, it sounds like heat mave been a chronic problem?
that could be the root problem, you may have a warped head or leaking head gasket, if it will run that way it might run differently when cold or hot. Also sounds like some vac leaks.
Just talked to the guy.

I have duel electric fans and they were popping the 30 amp fues. Turns out the motors are made by our friends from the far east :bang . New ones are on order and he will have them in on friday afternoon. His professional opinion (and my unprofessional) is the destributor is going. Ive got a new one ready for pickup tomorrow. Ill drop the distributor in on friday when I pick up the car and tune her up for saturday. Damn I hope this solves everything.

Wish I read this sooner. Send me your dizzy.
I would send it to you but i need the car running on saturday for BG. On sunday I can pull the new one out, see how unused it looks and if it looks returnable then i will gladly have you rebuild the old one. How much do you charge?
Right back at ya.
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