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I wanted to add bluetooth to my '80 Corvette, but I did not want to remove or modify the original 8-track stereo.
My goal was to have a completely classic looking setup, but be able to bluetooth music from my phone.

I purchased an inexpensive bluetooth cassette tape with the goal of gutting the internals and putting them in a hollowed out 8-track tape.
A quick ebay search netted me a copy of Boston's self titled album. Perfect since that has been one of my favorite bands since I was young.

I opened up the 8-track and removed the tape. Opening up the cassette I was able to scavenge the circuit board, battery and magnetic head.
I had to file the 8-track case to make room for the circuits, as well as make holes for the switch and charging port.

In order to get the alignment of the magnetic head correct, I reused the original foam padding from the 8 track and hot glued the magnetic head to it.
The circuit board and battery are also held in place with hot glue.

I also had to cut some grooves in the plastic structure of the 8 track to allow the wires to pass from the magnetic head to the circuit board in the body of the 8 track.

Then, I just snapped the 8-track together and tested it out.

It works and sounds great, well, as good as it can considering it is being played through a 40 year old radio haha.

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Awesome. Good old American ingenuity. Isn't DIY great?
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