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I think this qualifies..

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Headed to the house outside of Atlanta, a new Chevy SS pickup made it a point to get near me thru traffic, he then makes a very questionable pass on a busy street (I believe he wanted me to hear his pipes). So (luckily for me) he turns down the lane that leads to my sub-d (about 2 miles of winding road). I notice the passenger looking back @ me, then to his driver, who promptly kicks it. It felt like Sonoma for a while as I stuck the nose under his bumper as long as I could. Twisting and turning at about 80. On this particular road, a pass would have been the bonehead move of the year. So I made the point that he was NOT going to pull even a yard on me! When I stomped the binders to pull home, he must have thought I had radar detection because he almost wrecked locking his brakes down!
So I guess it's the equivalent of "having good tone" but letting the Bogey off the hook.:partyon:
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Kind of like fishing....Catch and release...:rolling: :rolling:
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