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i want a g5x3!!!![cam]

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yes i do and were talking about getting the afr head and cam package from lg and the pushrods, intake and maby some other things......what else should we go for? we have stock gears(perf axle) lg longtubes and vortex intake with 54xxx miles the car is a 2000 vert
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Since you will have the stock unit off, it would be relatively cheap (compared to the heads) to add a port matched Holley aluminum carb and a larger MAF. This would complete your high flow engine setup.

P.S. Tune tune TUNE!!! :)
I would also get a LS6 intake or a FAST intake. I have seent this setup before with the stock intake on there and it really kills the airflow. Ported throtle body is worth maybe five hp on the dyno. Talk to your tuner first, after market MAF sensors really dont work well with modded engines. Housing seems to be fine but a new after market MAF really screws up tunes. also check into injectors, i think you should have plenty of fuel. I would recomend a blue printed oil pump and a set of good lifters such as LS7 type or cadillac racing type. This will help allot with valve train noise. Also make sure your heads have a good set of valve springs to handle that cam. That setup produces some really nice numbers. good luck with your mods, that thing will really fly when your done:cheers:
You'll love it... I have a G5-X2 :D Check my sig for a video of it idling.
that cam sounds awesome. do you have any valvetrain noise?
that cam sounds awesome. do you have any valvetrain noise?
Yes, but nothing abnormal. Faster ramp rates and stiff springs make for more noise. I do have yella-terras new lightened shaft mounted roller rockers to make it a bit quieter. But... I alos hae a vented hood w/ no hood liner so it lets more noise through anyway.
You'll love it... I have a G5-X2 :D Check my sig for a video of it idling.
Your video has vanished or the emperor is wearing no clothes. :huh:

Woopsy Daisy, never mind I found it. Sounds wicked :partyon: :thumbsup:
thanks every one does the heads from lg come bulit with the compp 921 springs or do i have 2 buy them seperate we would most likely get the work done at power house performance in orland park

and what size injectors should i go with
You may want to check with LG on the springs. As far as injectors, i had the same question when i did my cam. I called my tuner and give him the specs and he was able to guide me in the right direction. Also i found this site it has a calculation to size injectors. LG might be able to help as well for sizing. My biggest fear was running out of fuel on the dyno tune and having to go back and put new injectors in. i am guessing maybe 30lb. injectors for your setup
thanks c5 chris yea we only want the best for our car and only quality stuff so im pretty set on the lg setup but still gotta do some more reaserch and reading on DC!:cheers:
also will this cam pass emmisions or whatever test they give in illinois with a good tune
if it is a obd2 test like Connecticut you will be fine. I passed with my cam.
Your set up will require the 30# injectors.
LG makes some great performance parts and I'm sure you'll be very pleased with the end result :devil:
if it is a obd2 test like Connecticut you will be fine. I passed with my cam.

for the test all they do is make us open our gas cap and then put sumsthing over it and they they plug somthing in under the dash
i just had mine done with and it was the same test. You should be good to go with a tune. The only codes i had was randon misfire due to the cam and that was fixed with the tune. They are basically looking for codes thru your OBD2 port and they check to make sure your gas cap still holds presure. Much better than the old sniffer test.
thanks everyone does any one have any info on powerhouse performance or atr motorsports becasue those are the two nearest places in illinois that are known for their work
G5X3 Cam

I got mine back from LG Motorsports last week with the G5X3 cam. They were able to tune the car without changing the injectors...but I have a Z06. The car has a noticeable increase in hp and torque from beginning to end. It does act different at low does not like to be at 1500 rpms. With the LG Pro headers and Halltech stinger, I have almost 100 more hp at 5000 rpms over stock. It took two trips back to LG to get it tuned right...but its running good now.

Good luck with yours.
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