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I have spent the last few months rebuilding all the driveline, suspension and steering in my 81' that was a little neglected by its previous owner and I about a month away from putting my LS1 engine in.

I would like to remove the air conditioning from my future setup as I have never really used it in previous cars I have owned. I have done some searches on the forum but haven't found anything in regards to what I need to do to the box that has the AC/heater core in it to make it heater/air only.

Can anyone that has removed their AC share any links/photos as to what they did to their setup?

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JUST finished up tearing mine out and fabbing a new box where the AC used to be.

The AC delete box is nice but I don't have 160 bucks to spend on it. View attachment 1394

Picture shows what I did, but not quite finished.

I did about the same when I removed mine, except mine is thinner and I kept it closer to the firewall. Can't find a picture of it right now. Made mine out of sheet aluminum.
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