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Hi guys I’m new in this corvette community, and I will like to receive some help from some of you, basically I have a C4 Corvette 91 back home in Mexico, but my youngest brother crash it on to a pavement and unfortunately on consequence of that the car results with some damage on the suspension with is already repaired, fortunately the engine did not receive and scratch, but my problem now is every time do I intent to start it, the car starts for no longer of a couple of seconds , and then sounds like the electric system cuts the petrol pump function, to be honest I can’t hear the petrol pump working as usual when you turn on the ignition.
Now some people gave the advice from the existence of certain button ho cuts the ignition ones you suffer and accident or in and other words, when the car receive and impact or is been hit.
I been looking for that button but unfortunately there is no signals from his existence on my car.
Other person tells me, I have to reprogram the car through scanner to release the cutting petrol system function.
Please if some one have and idea or is been in a similar situation than me, could you please tall me how get out from this.
Your help will be much appreciated.
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