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I'll kick off the new forum...

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When I'm not driving the GS, I go car crushing with the LandRover Discovery. And, a splash in the mud (3 feet of mud) is always a blast too.

Cool truck, but it rides like a truck, and it's no where near as comfortable as the GS. Has a V8, but slow as my grandma on a treadmill.

And the mileage? How about 10mpg around town, and 15mpg on the highway!

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Very capable truck/SUV.
Nice but they don't come at first with a CD changer and then it's :surprised
10 mpg :surprised

I wish my truck got that :thumbsup:
Now that is an "urban assault vehicle".

Patrick, did you fix that little toll way "incident" yet?
Patrick, did you fix that little toll way "incident" yet?
Crashing into the gate? Yep, 3M scratch remover got the yellow paint off the hood just fine. You could never tell it happened!
thats what my brother works on for a living..they are very capable and he gets to go offroading in them a couple of times a year
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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