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Im getting there!

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1993 Jeep: sold. 2002 Honda CBR600: sold. I have $10,000 bucks right now to go towards my Corvette purchase, but I want more money to put towards it then that. Im in the process of buying a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee for $100.00, its got a blown engine. Im gonna get a junk yard engine, slap it in there and clean it up and make about 2-3 grand on it and save some more money. So in about 5 months, after the wedding and honeymoon it should be all good to buy my new toy. Wish me luck!!
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Good luck, dude! We're depleting half of our savings to have our basement remodeled this summer, so if I want to meet my Corvette buying goal of next year, I'll need to buckle down and eliminate extraneous expenses. I figure once my current car is paid off in September (which I'm not going to trade in), that will give me another $268.33 per month toward a Vette payment (and toward the down payment before I buy it), plus I could stop paying $200 extra on the mortgage each month - now up to $468.33. Assuming I get a raise next January, another $100 or so per month shouldn't be too tough to swing.
Quick Buy the Vette before the wedding and honeymoon :rolling: :rolling: :rolling:
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