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Hi Guys. My name is Norval and I hang around the corvette forum and lately have been dropping in here .
I drive a 75 vet with a 460 bigblock with a 8-71 blower running 15% overdrive or 12 pounds of boost. I have a Tremec 5 speed overdrive and recently pulled the 4.11 gears because of traction problems right through 3rd. I like the original 3.08's alot better. I also have hydraboost brakes and a 6 link suspension.
The car handles great up to 110 mph where too much air gets under it and starts lifting causing erratic handling.
I am working on bump steer to keep the handling even under lift. I run soft springs for a good ride
I am fairly knowledgeable about all parts of the corvette and machine most of my own parts, including a super large set of axles after twisting the stock ones running slicks
Here is a shot of the car taken last weekend by my mother in law.

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welcome aboard....great to see from people from north of the border
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