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Hi Guys,

This is the full race (minus the last lap because it stopped recording)

It is large, somewhere near 200 mb so down load accordingly.


You will see at the start, I had a very bad launch (reaction time) and went from 4th to 7th. Then on the restart, I got a good run on the Porsche 997 of Pobst but he came around me and made contact with me in between turn one and two. That let Archer's Viper also get by, hitting me in the process.

Then the remainder of the race is recovering from the start and passing all the same guys to get back to 3rd place. Fellows had a bad alternator which caused him to die on the last yellow but other than that, it was a hard fought race with plenty of action.

thanks guys

Lou Gigliotti

PS, How do you like the sound of the LG Pro Long Tubes :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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