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Indy Corvette Pace Car

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I just got back to Wisconsin from Indy (we left after the first rain). Wow did that Vette Pace Car look sweet!!!!! I even bought an event T shirt (which I never do) with the pace car on it. I saw a lot of C4 in the parking lots and on the streets near the speedway. Saw a really nice 96 Grand Sport parked on the front lawn of a house on High school road. I didn't take my Vette, my son drove in his Honda S2000. It was a great day despite the rain. Dale
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Sorry, I didn't take pictures

I did not bring my camera this year. Sorry about that. Damn sure was a good time though! Dale
I liked it:thumbsup:

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Man I love orange.
It was too bad that the driver of the Pace Car couldn't put up the top when the heavy rains started to fall. Watching all that rain fall in the open cockpit made me cringe!
I don't even watch racing but I kept flipping back and forth to the race to hopefully catch a caution so I could see the pace car out there!
Are those special edition wheels for the Pace Car pkg? They are NICE:partyon:
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