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Corvette Gallery overview and Upload Instructions!


We have thousands and thousands of Corvette images in our gallery, and we hope you'll upload your pictures to the gallery too!

What can be uploaded to the gallery?

1) Pictures of Corvettes, or Corvette related.

2) Pictures of our members "other rides". Current, or past. (just a few)

What about babes with Corvettes?

1) You can upload pictures of Corvettes with women posing with the car.

2) The moderators will wave their wand and remove anything that is inappropriate for the site. Any strong nudity will not be approved. It is up to our discretion, based on what side of the bed we woke up on.

Copyrighted material

1) It's obviously difficult for us to know if a picture is copyrighted, or if it is someone elses property. If it shouldn't be here, please e-mail [email protected] to discuss.


Uploading a Photo - is accomplished thru the use of the upload photos link from the main page of the gallery (CLICK HERE) . By filling in the variables, you are telling PhotoPost which photo you wish to upload from your PC and information about the photo.

Choose a category - select the most appropriate place for your photo using the drop down list of available categories.

Photo to upload - using the Browser button, select the file on your system you wish to upload (be sure that the file does not exceed size limitations)

Disk space remaining for your account - This tells you how much disk space you have left for uploads

On the next page you will be prompted to enter the following information for each image you uploaded:

Enter a title for the photo - This is a short description of the photo

Keywords - enter up to 10 descriptive terms people can use to search for your image

Photo Description - This area provides for a more detailed description of the photo

Do you want to be notified by email when users post replies? Check this box if you would like an email whenever someone posts a comment to your photo

If you have any problems or questions, post a question in our "Suggestions and Help" forum!:thumbsup:
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