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when your installing pistons into the block,the slight TAPER in the first 1/8" of the bore that SOME machine shops cut, serves little if any purpose, in a correctly built engine, if your useing the correct style ring compressor youll have very few problems, I occationally had problems getting pistons started into the bores useing the old clamp type ring compressors, several years back I invested in SEVERAL
778-66766 4.000'' to 4.090'' | View Product $31.99
778-66767 4.125'' to 4.205'' | View Product $31.99
778-66768 4.250'' to 4.310'' | View Product $31.99

several PROFORM
RING COMPRESSORS for the shop,
WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!that was the best $100 Ive spent in a long time

this type is far easiers to line up to the block surface at a slight angle that allows the rings to partly pop out from under its lower edge just as the rings leave the lower edge of the compressor and enter the cylinders bore, now Im not saying you can,t do it, just that its far easier to do it correctly with this type of ring compressor.

don,t forget the ROD GUIDE and crank rotator tools

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