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Intake Bolt broke help

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When I was stripping my intake to clean it up, one of the thermostat housing bolts broke off right at the bolt head. I have abour 3/8" of bolt sticking out of the intake. So, I soaked it several days in PB Blaster, squirted it a couple times a day. Today I started trying to get it out, no luck so far. I have tried heating up the intake around the bolt several times, and squirt it some more with PB each time, hoping it would soak in to the threads when it cools. I heated the bolt several times, same deal. This thing will not come loose.


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Soak it again. Heat the BOLT red hot, then let cool. The bolt will expand, then shrink. Vice grip it out warm, about 15 minutes later. Tap it with hammer first.
you got lucky, the bolt is exposed. Weld a nut onto it, just slide the nut over and weld it on the inside. the heat will break the remaining bolt loose, easy to take out. If you heat it and then cool it it'll shrink more than it expanded.
Thanks guys, I should have thought of welding a bolt on first.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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