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1986 4+3 with larger TB, Performance chip, and Borla catback.
As stated in the title, the car has the random code 33 but it resets on it's own. It doesn't set the code at any certain speed or engine temp that I have been able to notice. The MAF is new as are the relays, IAC, CTS, TPS, cold start injector timer, spark plugs and computer.
I have the FSM and have set or adjusted all of the above new items as per the manual and the car runs great when the coolant temp goes from LO to any number above that. It will start when cold but will not idle unless a small amount of pedal is added. When it finally does idle on it's own the idle is 500rpm and then when at operating temps the idle is 800.
I have been reading any and all the threads here about the above items that I have replaced but I just cannot get the car to idle at first start up of the day.
Thanks in advance for any and all help. From what I've been reading on this forum, "You guys ROCK".
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