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....yeah, I know a serious post....:WTF .....:laughing:

....had the mechanic do some testing on my 92, found out
that could be gasket, small crack or valve guides causing
some small glitches (ie: light misfiring while idle, starting
to get some overheating issues, more that usual light mist
in the morning start up)

....I have 184,000 mi on it now, it will be first time heads
have been off, it still runs fine under aload but I've noticed
its starting to lack power this point in time (meaning I don't get to cruzz that
much anymore) I will probably stay stock on the valve
job..but its still a 50-50 issue

....but I would like to vastly improve the distributor and wires
set up (everything is stock GM now), my distributor was
removed once when I replaced the water pump and found
that the shaft had a slight wobble to it, but I put it back in

....SO MY QUESTION NOW IS.....what do you think is going
to be the best way & product for distributor and wire
replacement, I would rather go best & better than price....:laughing:

DC Crew
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I've always been happy when using MSD dist. and such although I've never had an Opti-spark car.
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