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It's time to shine, Adam's style!

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(PICS!!!)It's time to shine, Adam's style! (PICS!!!)

This week can't get over soon enough for me! I convenced my Dad to but over $300 worth of Adam's Polish stuff (saves me money as I'm still trying to pay off my student loans) and one of the polishers too! So he said that if he buys this (told him how awesome Adam's is and how much everyone raves about it on here) I had to bring the wife and car up to the old stomping grounds and make a weekend out of it. So on tap...Dad's black '02 Coupe, and my '00 FRC. I feel like it's a few days before Christmas and I know where the gifts are stashed! :spanked:
I'm planning on taking some before and after pics of the two cars both together and neither of our cars have ever had the total Adam's treatment! I'll post them as soon as I get back home on Sunday night.

IBurke...if you want to come over and join the polishing party, let me know! I'll make sure to have a few cold ones on hand too! You only live 45 mins. from my parents front door! (maybe 30 since you have a ZO6 :thumbsup: ) :cheers:

Here is the list of goodies: Adam's Real Absolute Essentials Kit, Porter Cable Essentials, power washer and case of frosted alcoholic goodness. Am I missing anything?


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:partyon: Happy polishing:cool:
Don't forget a chair for your Dad:laughing:
Look forward to seeing your results!

IBurke... maybe 30 since you have a ZO6
I take it you've met Ivan too :rolling:

He'll be sliding into the driveway with a stop watch in hand, yelling "Ha! 25 minutes!"
wax on......wax off


just ordered some adams today:thumbsup: they dont have any clay bars so they said theyll ship the order then ship the clay so ill have to wait for the clay:rolleyes:
should look nice after completion:D
I can make that trip in 24 mins.:rolling: :rolling: :rolling:
Sound like fun. Did you get any of their newest products? i.e; new wax :D
Sound like fun. Did you get any of their newest products? i.e; new wax :D
:thud: NOOOO...I didn't know it was coming out, and I think he put the order in right before it hit the market. However, I haven't seen all the stuff in the kit yet, so maybe they put it in and just don't know it yet? I doubt it though. I can't wait to get home and start the fun!


We have a pretty good view of a big pond behind there house so hopefully the pictures will be nice too!

Ivan is going to be like that commercial on tv "22 minutes...Beat that!" "You on!" :laughing: :rolling:
This PICS that I promised!!!

Ok I Dad and I had purchased the Adam's Real Absolute Essentials Kit and Porter cable polisher. I can't begin to tell you how much this polish REALLY works and how AWESOME this is. I lost count how many times both my Dad and I said...WOW...this goes on soooooo easy and comes off even easier! I after using the swirl and haze remover, the car already looked awesome! The VRT is worth it's weight in gold, as is the Brilliant Glaze Spray...all of the applications went very easy!
Iburke and his blushing bride showed up in the ZO6! :thumbsup: He was kind enough to take me for a ride :thud: I think he may have scared off the ducks from the City Lake after he did THIS with me in the car!

:D That's about all I could do after he showed me how SLOW my car really is! :rolling:

He took my Dad for a ride too....most of the night he kept tell me the same thing...."That's is one FAAAAST car, wow!" :laughing:
First thing he tells my after he gets back on his ride with Ivan..."James, my car's not that fast!" Which I respond...."Neither is mine Dad, neither is mine!"

Here is the pictures that I have...I'm sorry that I didn't get any finished pictures on my Dad's '02, but my camera battery went dead before we even got to his car. Let my tell you though...since we did MY car first we basically learned on mine! "Thanks Dad" DON'T get me wrong, mine still looks Dad's '02....WOW...:surprised !!! Adam's Polish was MADE for a black car!!!

Here is the pictures that I was able to get!

Adam's Car Polish...THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!

Not bad for a before picture!

Preping the car for the polish!

Using the Clay bar to remove all the small imperfections on the car! This make the finish SOOOOO smooth! If you have never used a clay bar before, you have to give it a shot...I'll never NOT use one again!

Applying the Buttery Wax! What you CAN'T see in this picture is Ivan, Wendy, my Mom and my wife telling me how many spots I was missing! I got them all!

The finished product!!!

My favorite picture that I took!

Here are a few pictures of Ivan's ZO6 and my Dad's car!

Over all we had a very fun day! Adam's Polish is now all that I will use....I've decided that my car is slow...I may have to find some vacation time to follow the gang out to the Salt Flats to partake in the fun...and Ivan said that I have to start road racing with him and the rest of Team DC!

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!


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Looks good! :thumbsup:

Totally missed the burnout pic! That's hilarious!
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