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Jetstream Blue - 'CATALOG' shot

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Now you KNOW these never look right;

:crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

I don't know guys...that looks nothing like what we saw this past weekend.
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I actually like it!
Reminds me of teal, but I would have to see it in person before i could pass judgement.
We won't know what Jetstream will actually look like until we get a good quality photo of an entire car.

Looks like an updated Nassau Blue to me.
...its pretty close to the Le Mans Blue on my 69!
I think I have changed my mind ... cause I like that color ... I have always loved Nassau Blue ... and this is basically the same color ... maybe a little darker. While it may not be the color I get ... it is definately a color I like.
So you can take a photo of your wall to home depot and they'll make paint to match......but GM can't make their websites or catalogs even remotely close?
I Like It But I Favor Blue
I'm just not sure if I like it, but maybe I'm still upset that they canned LBM...I'm just going to have to see it in person.
Its a love it or hate it color, and id have to see it in person to make my mind up.
Nassau blue really, I agree. I hated it when it first came out but grew to like it on the C5. Now I really don't care for it again. I was hoping the new blue would be electron blue.
The color on the fender looks better than the color on the illustration of the whole car, but I still don't think I'd pick that color if I was ordering a new one.
Looks like it belongs on a T-Bird.:laughing:
thanks for the pics rick....people just need to accept the fact the LMB is gone and this is the new blue...which i love
Hmmm. Looks like Nassau blue and Bluestream are pretty close...

The one solace I have in getting an '07 instead of an '08 is the fact that I got LMB... not a fan of the new blue...
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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