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July 27th HPDE at Summit Point Main!!!

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Hey Guy's,

The Northern Virginia Corvette club is hosting a HPDE at the Summit Point Main track on Friday July 27th! The cost for the day is $175 and you get a ton of track time plus skid pad time! In the last 4 years NVCC is really getting a great reputation for putting on quality events like this! There are 75 slots available in 3 groups. The information can be found at:;jsessionid=AEF85B0A19E135B29923D0711770CE0D?mode=view&id=348

Hope to see some of you out there!
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WOW! I thought there would be at least a couple of track rats out there in this region.:huh:
I will be there - The NVCC runs a great event. Lots of track time for not much $.

I was just looking into their facilities the other night. I'd love to be there but already have plans. Stink.

Definitely keep us posted on any upcoming events there. I'd love to come beat some pavement with yall.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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