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Jump On This One (Wrecked C6)

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Am I going nuts?

Read the vehicle description first, then click the link and take a look at the pictures of the Yellow C6 they have for sale.

"You are bidding on a gorgeous, 2005 Corvette Coupe that we recently purchased from an insurance company and I have no idea why they gave it a salvage title. They are claiming it had water damage, but I did NOT see any water in it. The interior is perfectly dry and everything works as it should. It is also very clean and shows minimal wear with no fouls smells or odors. As you can see in the photographs, the exterior is absolutely perfect with no damage whatsoever. The chrome rims are in excellent condition and the tires are like new. It drives great and I am enjoying it as a daily driver.

This Vette starts and drives 100%

In a nut shell, you will be buying a gorgeous new body C6 Vette, with NO DAMAGE at a huge discount.

Drive your dream car home today and save thousands of dollars.

Take advantage of our low reserve!!!

A new one will set you back over $50,000

Take advantage of our low reserve!!! "

Great Buy

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Fixer upper I'd say:rolling:
Great buy for parts
I, too, said :WTF .
Then I thought about it. The seller accomplished exactly what you want a For Sale ad to do:

Get the car noticed!

Re-read the ad a cupla times and you'll see how much emphasis he put on the fact that it was so perfect. His quote " I didn't see any water in it" shows he wrote the whole thing tongue-in-cheek. Good for him for having fun with the ad.

That guy is nuts, absolute!!:smack :crazy:

...what wax would you use to make that one shiny again? :surprised

something tells me not even adams would bring that out. Seriously wtf with that seller, I wish he could have in that car when what ever happened happened.
I love the "Drive your dream car home today" line
Yup thats my dream car...NIGHTMARE...:thud:
He didn't see any water in it because the water was in it but was probably subsequently removed.
This was posted five days too late...

WTF indeed..
I just looked at the other vehicles he's selling, half of them are wrecked, the rest are probably rebuilt.
He's just having some fun with his ad.
Buyer beware! If you look really close, you can see a tiny hint of fire damage. :laughing:
Check this one out. I love the part about the car being involved in a "light roll". Hey, it still "runs great" though.
Check this one out. I love the part about the car being involved in a "light roll".
I imagine that the 'Power Windows' may have been wishful thinking, too - or at the very least a 'thing of the past' judging by all the damage on the car. :laughing:
Wow, someone knows how to read braile! That is the specially equipped blind man's model isn't it? Limited Edition! One of a kind! Only $5K over invoice! :laughing:
Maybe it sustained some water damage while they were putting out the fire.:laughing:
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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