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EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES!, unfortunately thats how most of us learn!
if you can fix it or have someone fix it for money, its sure not something you need to sweat over, my dad used to say, if you screw up, step back mentally and ask yourself ..."will this still effect me in a years time?"
if not its just a P.I.T.A. in normal life, and you'll get over it, its not like you backed over some 18 month old toddler in the supermarket parking lot, you could not see! or managed to short out the electric wiring and burned the car to the ground!
on the plus side you should get the car up on a lift, inspect it and get to examine how the car suspension works and maybe get to watch how the repairs are made!
BTW always buy a complete factory shop manual for any corvette as its a very valuable asset!
(not the cliff not version HAYNES sells)

reminds me of the first corvette I owned, a 1959,I let the wife to be, drive while I was at work,, she asked me if it mattered if the vette was "leaking black stuff" she had backed over a parking lot curb, and ripped a tiny hole in the oil pan...lucky she mentioned it, as I caught it at only two-2,5 quarts low, if she had ignored it, or failed to mention her screw up, I would have lost the engine if she kept driving it, as it was I just replaced the oil pan that week end.
I still bring up that OOPS, with her driving skills 55 years later
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