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In this video, I am doing a review of a polisher that I have had for about 7 years and meant to do a review on years ago. It is the Bosch 1250DEVS. This polisher is like a PC-7424XP/Flex 3401VRG hybrid. It is BOTH an orbital AND a dual-action polisher. I recommend a polisher like this for the individual who wants to get into the detailing business and has the need for a light polisher like the PC-7424XP and the need for a more aggressive polisher like the Flex 3401VRG. This polisher will do the job of both.

The only downside to this polisher is there are NO exchangeable back plates. It only uses ONE size pad and that is the 6" pad, so your technique when learning how to use the "PC mode" is critical. You also need to buy a different STYLE pad, depending on the mode that you are working in. Watch the video the video for more clarity on this.



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