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Just bought me a C5 2000 Vette Awsome!

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Hey guys. Just wanted to say hello and what a great site you have here.

I just bought my first Corvette last Saturtday. Its a 2000 Yellow Coupe, with the removable top. It also already has the painted calipers and Corsa Exhaust.

It is the best car i have ever driven hands down. I had it out today for the first time to drive around with my wife. I cant believe what I have missed out on.

Even the wife likes it which is a plus. Ill have pics soon.

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Welcome to Digital Corvettes and congrats on your purchase.
Welcome to DC Glad to have you :cheers:

Can't wait for the pics ;)
Welcome to DC, and congrats on the new ride.:thumbsup:
congratulations and best of luck its a plus that the wife likes good luck on the purchase and post pictures when you can
Congratulations..........welcome to DC.....enjoy the ride!:thumbsup:
Awesome! Congrats:partyon:
KQQL, they are a real treat as you have found out. Welcome aboard, this is a great site and very informative.

Welcome to club Millenium:thumbsup:

Welcome to the club, and don't forget to wave. :thumbsup:
Sounds Like a Winner !!!!!!! Welcome to DC:buhbye:
Welcome to DC and congrats on your new ride! Guarantee you have miles of smiles ahead of you. :thumbsup:
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the "Not So Mellow" Yellow! :D Enjoy!:thumbsup:
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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