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Just got my IForged wheels and........

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The UPS man just dropped off my IForged wheels and I must say, the quality is excellent so far....still gotta get the tires mounted and pray the wheels are not out of round.
My car is on jackstands and I tried them out on one side of the car and went to put the lugnuts on the front (19x9.5's) and the lugs sunk in at perfect hidden depth. I went to put the 20x11s on the back and the studs are about a 1/16th of an inch from coming out of the hole. This means, when you put the lugs on the back, they stick out almost a 1/2inch! Looks slightly strange to me.
I have the same wheels as Dave(EFIunlimited) and went back to his pics and saw his look close to the same situation. Do they sell a wheelstud kit that maybe has a stud a 1/2 inch shorter than the stock studs? If so, anybody know where it can be found?
I am having the lugnuts powdercoated flat black friday so that should help not draw your eye to it but I would really love to at LEAST have them flush.
Possibly a lower profile lugnut out there? When I sold my other wheels, I just kept the buyers lugnuts and they looked alot bulkier than mine did.


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You can buy shorter wheel studs at most auto supply stores.I would look into some different lugnuts.Good luck.Please post pics when they are mounted
Ill be sure to post pics.....very happy with my hyperblack wheel choice. :partyon:
Ill run up to NAPA now and check it out....the PS2s get here from tire rack on Thursday so I have alittle time to get this corrected;)

Thank God for vacations.....

Actually, here is the thread with some pics of the differences between lugnut depths...I have the exact same wheels and depths....
My 19"F - 20"R iForged are the same, a lot of lug showing in the rear, and hidden in the front. It's due to the design of the wheel, to allow for larger calipers in the front:thumbsup:


and, rear,

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Thanks for posting those pics!
Actually, you dont have as much to worry about in the cosmetic department, because yours are all polished and seem to blend in very nicely. Those black centers make them pop out like a sore thumb.
Actually, I went to NAPA an hour ago and they put a micrometer on my lugnut and it measured 40mm long. They pulled out a 36mm and it wasn't even close to as bulky as the one I have. Looks great now and sunk in alot more. You might try that one, if you want to sink it in alittle more than where you are at now:thumbsup:
Might sound stupid stressing on lugnuts but when you spend that kind of money for wheels, as you already know, you want it PERFECT:cheers:

Thanks guys,


Photog I responded on another post asking if you ordered more wheels yet. Of course i did not see this post. Which iforged did you order and when did you order them? I am still waiting on mine. Also how much were the ps2s I am ordering from discount tires.
Sorry I missed your post. I picked up te Daytonas 20/19 with hyprblack finish. It took 7 full weeks for the production time....ordered april 2nd. But then shipping and the weekend, holiday, etc....took alittle longer. I think they go quicker when you do the black centers.
I got the PS2's from tire rack. They were like some stupid price of $1400+...must have made them by hand or something:lookinup:

When did you order your wheels?


Its going to look great, I can't wait to see it.

I ordered at the end of April. Discount tires price is looking at 1904 installed with the road hazzard. Still trying to get them cheaper. b4 installation and tax, its about 1400+.
Got my wheels on the car VERY careful when you guys get your wheels.......the dishes are easy to scratch. NEVER try to do a simple dusting of the rim with a towel. You will get a scratch, sure as the world. And only use towels that are super soft. Thats one of the downfalls with these rims, coming from chrome Z06 motorsports rims. Those took 10 minutes to clean...these really need a careful cleaning....just beware:thumbsup:
Ill have some pics up after I get rid of the viruses probably some punk 12 year old nerd must have sent me:down:


Give us some details about what style you went with.......yours should be just around the corner!

The benefit about the polished lip is that the scratches / dings can be buffed or sanded out. Polishing should get the fine scratches out.

So are you happy with the look, and the weight. I am pretty sure it looks nice. Do you still have a 305 in the rear?

I ended up going with the aero like sherrif. 19x10 front 20x11 rear and chrome face with polished lip. My other choice would have been the classic but my brother purchased that style.
The aero is definitely one of the I definitely like your choice. I wanted to go with the 10" front but the vendor said why? And I said I wanted them huge and, for some reason, he talked me out of it:crazy:
Actually, I went with a 295/25/20 in the back and a 265/30/19 in the front. I had 305's on my other wheels and Im really glad I went with these. They have alittle more rounded edge but still a really nice profile.
I also took my front adjusting bolts out completely today. Its definitely dropped now...I am surprised I could see that much difference!
I am really happy I went against the bad posts about IForged....they are a beautiful wheel and you will be very happy:partyon:

I got more compliments on them in one HOUR than I would get in a week on my other wheels...

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Thats great, glad you are happy with your purchase. I know they dont put the 10 in the front on the Z06 the biggest they give you from iforged is 9.5.

I cant wait to see the pics, I am sure it looks good.
I would not worry about your rear lug nuts protruding beyond the wheel hub. In order to get the offset you needed to have the wheels far enough inboard, the wheel manufacturer has to remove material from the mounting hub.

My CCW's are the same way (as are every set of CCW's I have ever seen). No doubt IForged are the same deal.

Don't sweat it and enjoy the new rollers!

:cheers: Chuck

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Took a couple quick pics yesterday of the wheels on the car. They are in "My corvette photos". The weather has been so on and off, that I havent got the pictures I really want but those didnt turn out too bad. There are 2 images on page 2 that have been approved already.:thumbsup:

Wheels look baaaad-asssss!!!!!!!! Love the black on Silver. Great Choice!!!!


Looks great I love the look :thumbsup:
Thanks, guys.....painted my caliper brackets silver and put new rotors and brake pads on today and glad im done. Been a long day...correction. Been a long 2 months. Nice to see everyone else seems to like it, like I do;)

VERY nice! Love em!:partyon:
Thanks alot for the compliment:thumbsup:
And thanks to jmaal13 for offering to make me a little custom avitar:cheers:
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