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Well that was fun. :thumbsup: I just took the '79 for a longer test drive after I finished installing new exhaust.

Stainless Hooker headers
Stainless Hooker side pipes
Accel short header plugs and Accel 500 degree plug wires
A few DEI heat boots on some of the plugs
Re painted the rocker panels (one of those while I'm at it gigs! :smack )
STS Baffles and.... a new wax job for the car...:D

A very nice jump in horse power over the stock manifolds and exhaust!

With the windows up at highway speed its not much lounder than the old system. In town its way louder at low speeds.

Great deep tone at highway speed!

In town the tone is louder but at least I can finally hear the car OVER my sound system now when I'm cruising around!!!:laughing:

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NO cats?? easy 40+ sweat....

the sound of a WOT V8 is a beautiful thing....

kinda strikes a chord......:cheers:
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