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I am a member of 2 local corvette clubs which have message boards. This message was sent out to all the people in our club a couple of days ago, i kinda got a kick out of it.

Hello to Friends and Family,

This spring and summer I will be cleaning and detailing automobiles.

I DO NOT use power washing methods due to paint finishes on vehicles. I've always been a big believer in traditional cleaning methods. I find that a normal garden hose and a bucket of soap will allow for a more detailed cleaning and give a wash that is more personal with a tender touch to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. I have found it hard to get an auto detail company to use more hands and less equipment. The method I use is great for normal, collectible, and rare automobiles.

I guarantee that after I am finished you will want to show your shiny vehicle off to others, not to mention tell others about my services.

Also as a token of my appreciation for every paying customer you send my way, I will send you a $5.00 off coupon for your next wash (multiple coupons are accepted.)

Clean to Shine is a mobile cleaning service - your vehicle(s) will be cleaned in your driveway with the help of your hose outlet.

I will provide the rest of the solutions and equipment.

Payment Methods:



Days of Operation:

Friday night



Summer: Some weekdays subject to daylight

Clean to Shine Auto Detailing

Detailing Price list

The Bronze ......................................$ 40.00

· Hand Wash

· Clean wheel wells and Tires

· Tire Shine

· Outside Window Treatment

The Silver ………………………....$ 50.00

· Includes all of the above

· Includes Turtle Wax ( Personal Favorite)

The Gold…………………………..$ 95.00

· Includes all the above from Bronze and Silver

· Windows cleaned inside

· Carpets vacuumed

The Ultimate………………………$ 110.00

· Includes all above from Bronze, Silver and Gold

· Clean inside Trim and Dashboard

· Clean Door Jams

I am by no means a master detailer but i consider myself to be above average at it. I have helped a few people with some paint correction and helped some learn about true detailing. All i can say is i wouldnt let this guy touch my car with a 10 foot pole...... Ild like to see tha rags and whe soap he is using and turtle wax??? His Personal favorite??? Really???? is it his favorite because you can get it at autozone for $10??? Tire Shine??? Isnt that the foam stuff you spray on that leaves a residue and flings all over your inner fender wells??? I have been throwing around doing some side detailing work and this might have just put me over the edge.

Ok my rant is over you may return to your normal routine now. :laughing:

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Don't worry AJ... I already set an appointment for you buddy. This guy will show you how to properly clean that mess you call a corvette without using the evils of machines. :rolling:

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Headlines: Louisville Courier Journal & Times

Man Beats "Detailer" with PC-7424XP

Don't get him hurt Dylan. :devil:
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