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Kudos to RevExtreme and Comp Cam

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What could have been a nightmare, had quite a happy ending. I had RevExtreme install a cam package and FAST Intake a couple of weeks ago. Only 50 miles into the new install, a titanium spring broke (918's). Comp Cam handled it very graciously, replacing for free the 918's with their much better 921 set of springs and covering all additional expenses, including labor. Thankfully there was little or no collateral damage, the worst of which was a damaged valve, bent push rod and slightly scratched piston, all of which was corrected/replaced by Comp Cam, and the masterful mechanical skills of Kyle at RevExtreme. The guys at RevExtreme put my car on the dyno again, and managed to squeeze out 339.98 rwhp and 405 max torque. Its running flawlessly and has an enjoyably intimidating lope. I can't wait to get it to the 1/4 mile track!

Needless to say, I would highly encourage anyone in the Tampa Bay area or Florida in general, to bring their vette to RevExtreme for mods of any kind. They're a great group of guys, extremely competent and handled this situation with the greatest professionalism. I also appreciated Comp Cam's customer service as well.
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Glad to hear you're using RevExtreme. They're fantastic! Yep, achieved that horsepower at the wheels- what would that translate to the flywheel? Guess it depends on what percent of power is lost through the drivetrain. Assuming a 15% loss, it would be 517hp I think. ANyone have a more accurate estimate of that power loss on the C6? I've read anywhere from 12-18%.
I have a manual, so perhaps 12-15% would be more like it in your estimation. Good luck on Saturday. I've enjoyed watching your work on the cam install. You've got skills! Tell the guys at RevExtreme saturday that Tim says hi!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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