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long time ago i looking for more power for L48 (1980 ) .. and i find 100's ways to make it ... but . i never find a source , what to make (change) with les money possible to get + 50hp , +100hp , +200hp ... i think that information like this will be verry helpfull for much People.

Interesting what You will suggest, what is to take care on ?! What NOT to do !??

have grat day

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Source as in what to buy?? or WHERE to buy??

we can most easy help on what, but with imports/shipping/taxes/etc...time factors...i'ts hard to say what you want to do ....

IMO, first up is ditch that entire exhaust system, from manifolds down and out on a true dual with H or X pipe crossover, and two mufflers in back...2.5 inch diameter is enough for a L48, that right there gotta be worth 40 hp or so....add full length headers for another ten or so....making 50....

gotta rejet the carb, get it fine tuned to the new intake manifold which eliminates the EGR, worth another 20 for the manifold, IMO....
gotta redoo the ignition system to set timing correctly, 36* at 2500 rpm's...
make initial about 10* for easy starting, especially when hot....

after that, well, you start into REAL money....allready spent about 600 bux here in America to get the above set up, assuming you do your own work....except the exhaust pipe bending....

once you get into the cams, lifters, valves, U will certainly change the timing chain, just doing that maintenance item right off is a good idea....

more agressive cam is about 300 bux with lifters, over here....but you have to stick to something milder, or you get into problems with valve springs....

never ends.....camel nose in tent....

:smack :devil: :cheers:
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