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hawaii-5-lo said:
i just got a reply on the rear end,a lift is a must,the rear sub-frame along with the diff will come out,the pain is setting every thing back right,but maybe you could do it at home (if you can get the car high enough)reassemble,and tow it (flat-bed)to the dealer and have them align the subframe.....of coarse call them before you start the project...:laughing:
damn,sorry,i forgot to ask how many hours they would charge.
the computer needs programing afterwards.good luck....give an update later please.....:smokin:
I'm not shure how many hours they charge to swap a diff..

I can say however it's not crucial to align the subframe.. as long as you do not mess with the alignment adjustments on the lower controll arms you should be ok. You can do this job on the ground but it's a pain in the ass.. much easier with a lift... and as stated you will need the PCM reporgrammed for the gear change..
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