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Pricing of all the options that can be had on the new Aventador. Apparently matte colors and several different steering wheels will be a few of the many options.

This just in: Options on a Lamborghini are expensive. Ok, so it’s not breaking news, but admit it, you’re still curious just how much extra it costs to change the color of the brake calipers on a new Lamborghini Aventador.

To indulge your curiosity, a friend was kind enough to slip us a copy of the upcoming car’s option list. And for the record, the document doesn’t contain the word Aventador, so we still can’t confirm that is the official name.

Now then, the prices. If your slush fund is only fat enough to afford a base Aventador, you can have any color you want, so long as it’s black or yellow. Anything else will cost you extra. For example, solid colors (white) will run you and extra $1650, while metallic colors (blue, black and two shades of grey) will cost an extra $2200 and pearl finishes (yellow and two shades of orange) will go for $4100. If you love the look of matte paint (white, black, brown or yellow), you’ll be paying a whopping $14,000 over sticker to get it. You’re better off going with a custom “Out of Range” color, which’ll only cost $9100.

Assuming you’ve got the dough, you’ll probably want to specify your wheel and brake caliper colors so they don’t clash with the body color. Your car will come stock with silver wheels, but you can have them in “shiny black” or just $1820 extra. Same story on the brakes, which come standard in black but are available in three more colors for the low, low price of $1100. Heck, if the check clears, they’ll even repaint the black rear suspension springs yellow for the same price.

Then there’s the matter of the engine cover. If the boring old standard cover simply won’t do, you can get it in carbon fiber for $2500. For the full Italian exotic effect, though, you’ll need to throw down an extra $7550 for the transparent cover so everyone can see your big V-12.

And that’s just the exterior. Want a sound system or heated seats? $4200 each. Parking sensors and a rear-view camera? $4900 please. Homelink garage door opener? $560. Smoker package? $490. “Branding” package, which probably means badges and embroidery? That’ll be $840. Then there are six steering wheel options ranging from $700 to $1540 depending on your tastes in suede, smooth leather and perforated leather and your desire for a multifunction wheel.

Of course, none of that address the fact that the standard interior is monochrome. If you want to liven things up, it’ll cost you. Just adding contrast stitching will put another $840 on the tab. The “Sportive” interior, whatever that is, will require another $2250 and adding Alcantara to it adds $750 to that. If you’d rather have the equally-enigmatic “Elegante” interior, it’ll be $2250 as well, but the even more elegant (presumably) “Elegante Plus” package will run you $3500.

Add all the most expensive options together and you could conceivably pay $45,800 over the base price, or about the same as buying a new BMW 528i to be your daily driver while the Lambo is tucked away in the 10-car garage. We can’t say what your grand total would be as Lamborghini hasn’t announced the Aventador’s starting price yet, but if it’s anywhere near the Murcielago’s $323,160 base, your total will be somewhere around “if you have to ask…”

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