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I have had a few inquiries about the status of our program. You have not heard any news from us and I am sure many of you are wondering, even though you may not have inquired.

Progress is still ongoing, although it is at a slower rate than I anticipated and hoped. Part of this is that I wanted to offer all you drivers a well organized and safe racing program, part is probably due to the economy, and part is due to limited funding at the moment. I am working to take care of the first and last. I cannot do much about the middle item.


I used 2002 as a building year with the goal to complete several of the foundation blocks that are needed for the SATCAR program. One major area that was creating problems was completion the unique timing and scoring program required for this type of racing. I had a couple of volunteer software developers assisting in writing the program but both had to opt out due to other issues. I have since found a consultant who can write the program for us and who seems reasonable in his approach and fees. To keep initial costs under control for organizers and drivers, we are going to build the scoring program in three stages. The first stage will be manual scoring, with computer assistance, and will score races without pit stops for simplicity. The second stage will require transponders on the cars and the pit stops will be introduced. The last stage will be written for the enduro races, between four driver teams, also with transponders. I am looking forward to completion of the first stage shortly so we can track test and start to schedule events.

A second major accomplishment occurred about mid-2002. Due to the unique nature of the SATCAR race format, I filed for a patent. This will help us to maintain our unique type of competition for you drivers and insure that we will be able to keep our event standards high for you. Word has been received that the preliminary approval has been granted. Some additional paperwork and fees should result in receiving the patent later this year.

Another building block has been the completion of the Rules Of Competition that will govern the activities at SATCAR events. This writeup is complete, has been reviewed by several active drivers and Dick Cole, our primary racing advisor. It has also been reviewed and approved by our legal advisor. I have yet to work out the details of an arbitration procedure for incidents. The Rules Of Competition, except for the arbitration procedure, are now posted on the web site so you drivers can look at how you will be racing. It will also be published in booklet form for those drivers who would like a copy.


One key factor in building SATCAR into a national racing program is to find qualified individuals or groups to organize and present events at each track location. I expected that this would not be difficult. However, it has proven to be a greater task than anticipated. To facilitate moving forward in this area, I am willing to explore various working arrangements with tracks, individuals, or groups that can assist in getting the events available for you drivers. If you know of anyone who might be interested in exploring this business opportunity, please have them contact me.


Many drivers have registered for our mailing list and I thank you for that. The information you provided is very helpful to us in building the racing program that we envision and that will respond to your needs as drivers. You can help us grow and speed up the addition of events near you by talking with your friends and fellow drivers about SATCAR. If you would like some of our brochures to give to your friends, please call or write. I will be glad to send you some.

Encourage other interested drivers to also register for our mailing list. The greater the number of drivers we have registered for the mailing list, the greater will be our ability to create a positive impression for potential Track Partners and sponsors, the faster we can build our event listings, and the events will have a greater chance of being successful and continuing for you.

Drivers will be required to become SATCAR members prior to participating in any of our activities. You have probably noticed that I have not sent you a membership application yet. I do not plan to ask any of you to send any money for membership until we can offer you something in return, namely events. As events become available in an area, the registered drivers within reasonable range will be contacted to become members and to obtain competition licenses.


The SATCAR Boutique is now open on the web site. For those of you who would like to show the world that you are a part of the newest and most revolutionary road racing program available, you can get shirts and decals with the SATCAR logo. The boutique also has books and a video that can help you improve your driving skills. Payments are accepted by check, credit card, or PayPal.

The web site address is:

If any of you have any questions or would like to offer suggestions to me regarding the SATCAR program, please contact me by mail or phone. The addresses are listed below:

Mail: SATCAR, P.O. Box 88, LaFox, IL 60147

e-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 630-232-6063 (9 - 5 Central Time)

THANK YOU for your interest and patience as we develop this program for you.

Kern Fischer

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I met Kern last year at Bloomington Gold (his booth was next to mine) and was a real nice guy.

The total concept is great. You get into road racing at a minimal cost. This would be something I would like to do down the road, when I'm better off finacially.
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