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Leaking accelerator pump Holley 4150

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I have been fighting to tune my engine over the last few weeks and new culprits keep appearing. I have a new cap and rotor, new plugs will be showing up today, the float levels are correct, the idle screws are set to 1.5 turns, and I noticed that the squirter was leaking. As mentioned inpost #7 in this thread I believe it could be the accelerator pump diaphram. Is this a correct assumption or could is be a gasket? I want to get this thing running before saturday because there is a cruise and show going on in downtown chicago that Id love to attend.

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The way I'm reading this is that your carb is leaking from the accelerator pump squirter when it's running? If that's right, there is a check valve/ball in the float bowl that's supposed to come unseated when you accelerate. Maybe some crap under the ball that's allowing fuel to dribble thru the squirter. That's where I'd start looking. Possibly the retainer for the ball has come loose.

You read it right. Looks like im going to get familiar with the inner workings of my carb in the near future. :thumbsup:

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