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C5 Non Pop-up Headlight
Bring that custom modern look to your C5 & C4 with our non-popup headlight system. No longer will you lights be a speed brake for night driving. Our brackets are made out of 60-61 aircraft aluminum with DOT approved low beams. High beams are PIA performance lights. Headlight tubs are made out of Fiberglass with a tough Acrylic molded lens cover. Kit include a heat and moisture reduction fan system.
The installation is very easy, everything comes "pre-mounted". You will need about 1 hour to remove your original headlights, and about 4 hour to 6 hours to install your new headlights giving an original and aggressive look to your C5 & C4.
Low beam wattage is total of 130
High beam wattage is a total of 280
C5 Non Pop-up Headlight 1997-2004 $1,390.00

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