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Here's the latest stat. At this point the 650 DP has a 68/78 jet combo, and went with an 8.5 PV. Now, nailing it from a slow rolling start will break the tires loose. :smokin:

BTW, can't tell you how many different formulas for a PV are out there. Makes it tough for us rookies...

Now, I 've got to decide whether to replace the primary throttle plates that were pre-drilled. It idles no lower than 850 rpms, and that's with the stop screws completely out (secondary as well). If I set the transfer slot exposure to .040 (or pretty much where the slot looks like a square below the plates) on the primaries, then I get 850. If I do the same to the secondary slot, I get 1050 rpms. Does it matter that they are not all equal? So anyway, if I didn't have the holes in the blades, I could get the idle down lower.

And a nuther thing, why not remove that secondary stop screw and insert it from the top of the baseplate so you can get to it?

So at what point do I quit playing with it? It's great as it is, but I still haven't messed with various timing curves, dual plane, etc. Don't want to leave anything on the table, ya know... :)

Wanted to add one thing... After checking the plugs today, it indicates I'm still a little lean (or too hot a plug). I'm to the white side of the spectrum with Autolite 26.
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