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LG GT2-3 Coil Overs $:surprised:surprised:surprised Shipped (Cont US Only) from ECS!!!


Normal Retail on these is $1995 + Shipping!!!

LG GT2 Coil Overs feature quiet, rugged and smooth spherical bearings on all 4 corners. They did this because of the precision that the bearing offers. Precise and smooth operation that does not interfere with the shock function.

Coil Overs offer greatly improved ride height adjustments while still allowing for complete shock travel. This enables you to get that lowered look, and still eliminate much of the bouncy ride that normally occurs when lowering on stock suspension.

The GT2s have 12 adjustment settings and one of their best features is the ease of adjustment. Once installed, your adjustment knobs are easily accessible at the top of each shock. There is no drilling into the body of the car to provide access to shock settings. Simply reach up behind each wheel and turn the knob to soften of stiffen the ride.

This race quality coil over kit will provide increased cornering speeds, improved grip, all while giving you a better and more comfortable ride home.

- Bolt on Installation, nothing to drill or modify
- Remote rear shock adjustments, no drilling into the tub!
- Mono Ball pivot points for ZERO BINDING!!
- Lightweight aluminum construction
- Reduced overall weight
- 12 way single adjustments
- Lower your car without bottoming out the shocks

Call the shop and we'll get you set up ASAP!!!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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